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Free Background Check Pennsylvania - Criminal & Public Records
Free Background Check

Criminal Records PA

  • Arrest & Convictions
  • Felonies & Misdemeanor
  • Mug Shots
  • Sex Offenders
  • Court and Probation Records
  • Criminal driving infractions
  • And more.

Background Check PA

  • Court Records
  • Property Records
  • Asset Information
  • Marriage/Divorce Records
  • Birth Records
  • Death Records
  • Liens/Judgements

Personal Information PA

  • Phone Numbers
  • Email Addresses
  • Address History
  • Age and Date of Birth
  • Relatives and Associates
  • Prior Residences
  • Work Information

Pennsylvania Background Check

When you need access to public records in PA, our database will connect you to the most current information. The search bar allows easy retrieval of criminal and civil information you may be seeking for family, friends, or associates. If you are looking for birth, death, marriage, or divorce records, or just a simple background check, our database of our 1 billion records will get you the information in minutes.

The Pennsylvania Background Check is the best way to learn about an individual's background without having to involve them. The search contains information on an individual's criminal records, licensing records, current and past addresses among others. You can start a background search on an individual by filling out the form at the top of this page.

Pennsylvania Criminal Records

The public access the criminal records of individuals they want by logging on to the Pennsylvania State Police (PSP) website as it has all the information to help perform an excellent background check. You can request for criminal information on an individual in two major ways: online and mail. For more click and

If you need more information on how to access the Pennsylvania criminal records, please contact the police headquarters for the state at the following address:

Pennsylvania State Police Department Headquarters
1800 Elmerton Ave.
Harrisburg, Pa 17110
(717) 783-5599

Pennsylvania Court Records

To enable the public access Judicial Information conveniently, the Pennsylvania Judicial System uses a web application to store and disseminate information to the members of the public. In order to access the information, one must have a secure e-site that has been approved by a county clerk or district court administrator. For more click

For more information on how you can access the Pennsylvania Court Records, please get in touch with the offices at the following address:

Pennsylvania Judicial Center
601 Commonwealth Ave., Suite 1500
PO Box 61260
Harrisburg, PA 17106-1260
(717) 231-3300

Pennsylvania Sex Offender Registry

The safety and well being of a citizen is the priority of any government that is the Pennsylvania legislated that any sexual offender within the state registers with the authorities. This move will enable the citizens to know the location of the offender and take safety precautions against possible crime. The registry can be accessed by any individual, if an individual wants to access information on a specific individual then he/she should submit basic information and the search results will produce the offender's records. For more information click

Pennsylvania Jail Records

For easy accessibility of jail records by the public, the Pennsylvania Department of Corrections operates a website that supports online search of inmates as long as the inmate is housed within the state's facilities. This website supports an inmate locator service that enables one to get access all the records of an inmate, especially the ones relating to human rights and sexual abuse. For more click and

If you want to get more information how to access Pennsylvania jail records, please get in touch with the office at the following address:

Pennsylvania Department of Corrections
2520 Lisburn Road
P.O. Box 598
Camp Hill, PA 17001-0598
(717) 975-4859