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Free Background Check Montana - Criminal & Public Records
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  • Court and Probation Records
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Montana Background Check

When you need to obtain background information in order to check up on a person, you can find the information for free in Montana. Simply complete the form that appears at the top of this page. You will be able to discover whether the person has a criminal record. You can also find out all the civil and public records about that particular person. It has never been simpler to get access to background information than it is now because we have more than a billion records stored in our database.

For various reasons, you may need to perform Montana background check on people residing in Montana. A search will equip you with all criminal history of an individual thereby helping you make wise decisions when dealing with them. All the data used for background checks is obtained from public records, which are available to individuals by the court, state and federal governments. You can conduct several background checks at no fee and there is no limit on what you find. To conduct a background check click

Montana Criminal Records

In Montana, the Montana Department of Justice has the responsibility of maintaining criminal records and availing them to all parties in need including individuals, businesses, government agencies and government. The Montana Department of Justice has the responsibility to collect criminal record information from the various local law enforcement agencies and submit it for recording in a central place. Not all the information can be accessed publicly since some it is protected by privacy laws. Any person interested in getting the criminal records should request for a name or fingerprint search before proceeding with the search. To request criminal records click

If you need more information on the Montana Criminal Records, contact the office at the following address and phone number:

Montana Criminal Records
303 North Roberts
P.O. Box 201403.
Helena, MT 59620
(406) 444-3625

Montana Court Records

Most of the court records for Montana have been posted on a website for the public to access easily. The Montana court opinions and briefs are dynamically published and you can get information dating back to the 1980s. You can search through the opinions and briefs using the topic, party names and docket number. If you want to access specific Montana court recordings, they are available at the respective district courts that the ruling was delivered in. Click for more information.

If you need more information on the Montana court records, please get in touch with the office at the following addresses and phone numbers:

Montana Water Court
601 Haggerty Lane
P.O. Box 1389
Bozeman, MT 59771
(406) 586-4364

Montana Workman's Compensation Court 1625 11th Ave.
P.O. Box 537
Helena, MT 59624
(406) 444-7794

Clerk of the Montana Supreme Court
Room 323, Justice Building
215 N. Sanders
P.O. Box 203003
Helena, Montana 59620
(406) 444-3858

Montana Sex Offender Registry

All specifications on what constitutes a sex offence in Montana are outlined in the Montana Sexual or Violence Offender Act. This act protect people from acts of sexual and violent offender in that all the offenders have to legally specify their location within the state, this enables people to be aware at all times. The registry provides up to date information on the whereabouts of the offenders to the public free of charge. For more information click , to search for an offender click

One can search the registry free of charge as long as they have the offender's details such as the name, origin, residence, and fingerprints.

Montana Jail Records

In Montana, the Montana Department of Corrections is entitled the responsibility of maintaining the jail records. One can conduct an online search by use of the inmate locator feature. In order to get the details of an inmate, you will need to feed in the names, sex, date of birth, and any other information you know about the inmate, if you know the ID number of the inmate, you will get more accurate results compared to using details. You can notify the relevant authorities if you want to be notified on the whereabouts of the inmate though your phone. For more information click

In case you need more information on Montana jail records, kindly get in touch at the following address and phone numbers:

Montana Department of Corrections
1539 11th Ave.
P.O. Box 201301
Helena, MT 59620
(406) 444-3930

Victim Information Hotline
(888) 223-6332

VINE Hotline
(800) 456-3076