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Free Background Check Massachusetts - Criminal & Public Records
Free Background Check

Criminal Records MA

  • Arrest & Convictions
  • Felonies & Misdemeanor
  • Mug Shots
  • Sex Offenders
  • Court and Probation Records
  • Criminal driving infractions
  • And more.

Background Check MA

  • Court Records
  • Property Records
  • Asset Information
  • Marriage/Divorce Records
  • Birth Records
  • Death Records
  • Liens/Judgements

Personal Information MA

  • Phone Numbers
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  • Prior Residences
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Massachusetts Background Check

Begin your free background search today on anyone in Massachusetts by simply filling the form above. Once you submit the requested information, you will be able to see lots of records on the person that you are looking for. You will find that it is a lot easier to access these records since we hold over 1 billion records in our expansive database.

With the Massachusetts background checks, you can get a lot of information on an individual without having to go through a lot of records. The background checks can be accessed without obtaining any permission since they do not include information violating constitutional privacy. Visit and for more information.

Massachusetts Criminal Records

The Massachusetts criminal records are limited to few businesses and agencies and are accessed by identity qualifiers including social security number, name and date of birth. The records are maintained by the Criminal Offender Record Information (CORI) which is a branch of Massachusetts Executive Office of Public Safety and Security (EOPSS). For more information visit , and

If you need more information on how to obtain the Massachusetts criminal records, please get in touch with their offices through the following contacts:

Criminal Offender Record Information Services
200 Arlington St., 2nd Floor Suite 2200
Chelsea, MA 02150
(617) 660-4640

Massachusetts Court Records

If you want to access the Massachusetts court records, you will have to seek permission of the Supreme Judicial Court (SJC). The records will enable you access a variety of content including some aspects of juvenile proceedings, complaints, police reports, specific cases, case files, and trial lists. For more information visit and

If you need more information on how to obtain the Massachusetts court record, please get in touch with their office through the following contacts:

SJC Public Information Office
Maryland Judicial Center
580 Taylor Avenue
Annapolis, MD 21401
(617) 557-1114

Massachusetts Sex Offender Registry

In Massachusetts, the database of all individuals convicted of sex crimes is maintained by the Sex Offender Registry, who further classifies the offenders so that residents can take the necessary precautions. The registry also educates the public on sexual offences so as to help prevent further victimization. Visit the official website and for more information.

You can also locate the Massachusetts sex offender through the federal locator at the website

Massachusetts Jail Records

If you need to locate an inmate in Massachusetts, you should provide the name and commitment number of the inmate. However, if you do not have these details, you can contact the department of correction who will help in obtaining them. You can also visit the website Visit

If you need more information on how locate the Massachusetts jail records, get in touch with the office using the address and phone number below:

Massachusetts Department of Corrections
50 Maple St., Suite 3
Milford, MA 01757
(877) 421-8463