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Free Background Check Colorado - Criminal & Public Records
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Colorado Background Check

Obtaining background information for people in Colorado has never been easier. You can start your free search by using the form above to obtain all available records including civil, criminal, and public records for the individual in question. With a database of over 1 billion records to search through, you will likely find all the information you need on the individual in question.

Colorado Criminal Records

The Colorado Bureau of Investigations maintains all of the criminal records for the state of Colorado. If you need more information you will need to contact them directly. You can access the CBI's computerized criminal history database to access arrest records with fingerprints. Records without fingerprints are not available. Click here to visit the CBI website. Additionally, warrant information, sealed records, and juvenile records are not available to the public.

If you need additional information or help with obtaining criminal records, you can contact the CBI at:

CBI Check
KT International, Inc.
20 Westbrook Street
East Hartford, CT 06108
(800) 882-0757

Colorado Court Records

The Colorado State Judicial branch oversees the courts. If you need individual court records you will need to contact the court where the case was filed. If you do not have the case information you can perform a search by name by using a authorized vendor of the court. Use the search above to learn more.

Questions regarding public access should be directed to:

Public Access Email

State Court
Administrator's Office
101 W. Colfax Ave., Suite 500
Denver, CO 80202


Colorado Sex Offenders

There are currently 10,096 registered sex offenders in Colorado, as of June 2, 2008. The CBI maintains the sex offender website for the state as a means of public access to their database. Be aware that searches based on names, dates of birth and other identifiers are not always accurate. The most accurate means of identification are with fingerprints.

To search through the sex offender database: Click Here

For frequently asked questions regarding sex offenders visit the FAQ section of the CBI site here.

Colorado Jail Records

If you need to access jail records for individuals in Colorado the Colorado Department of Corrections allows for limited public access. You will only be able to find current information on active offenders, parolees, and community corrections. Past offenders or people with discharged sentences will not be available.

To perform an online search: Click Here

You can also contact the Colorado Department of Correction using the information below:

Colorado Department of Corrections
2862 South Circle Drive
Colorado Springs, Colorado 80906
(719) 579-9580