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Free Background Check Alaska - Criminal & Public Records
Free Background Check

Criminal Records AK

  • Arrest & Convictions
  • Felonies & Misdemeanor
  • Mug Shots
  • Sex Offenders
  • Court and Probation Records
  • Criminal driving infractions
  • And more.

Background Check AK

  • Court Records
  • Property Records
  • Asset Information
  • Marriage/Divorce Records
  • Birth Records
  • Death Records
  • Liens/Judgements

Personal Information AK

  • Phone Numbers
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Alaska Background Check

Start your free Alaska search by using the form above. You will be able to access all available records including criminal, civil, and any other public records that are available. Our database contains over 1 billion records for you to search through.

Alaska BCP

The Alaska Background Check Program (BCP) is responsible for providing centralized background check support for programs that provide for the safety and health of persons who are served by the programs administered by the Department of Health and Social Services (DH&SS). Programs subject to the licensing and certification authority of DH&SS or are eligible to receive payments, in whole or in part, from the department are subject to the statutory requirements of: AS 47.05.300-47.05.390; Background Check Regulations: 7 AAC 10.900 - 7 AAC 10.990

Alaska Statute (AS) 12.62.160 states that "Any Person" is authorized to receive Alaska criminal justice information. Alaska Administrative Code (AAC) goes on to define procedures to obtain this information. AS 12.62.160 also authorizes the dissemination of additional information to employers/licensing agencies for screening of applicants for positions responsible for the care of children and dependent adults (an "Interested Person"). The subject of a record is authorized to view or purchase a copy of his/her entire record. The Department of Public Safety, Criminal Records and Identification (R&I) Bureau maintains Alaska Criminal Justice Information.

Alaska Criminal Records

Alaska criminal records are available from the Alaska Department of Public Safety, Criminal Records and Identification Bureau.

Name-based criminal background checks can be requested by mail for a fee at:

Alaska Department of Public Safety
5700 E. Tudor Road
Anchorage, AK 99507
(907) 269-5511

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Alaska Court Records

If you need court records in Alaska, then you will need to contact the Alaska Court System. The Alaska Court System is made up of four levels: the supreme court, the court of appeals, the superior court, and the district court.

To contact them you can use the following:

Office of the Administrative Director
303 K Street
Anchorage, Alaska 99501
(907) 264-0548

Online Court Records Search

Always verify the identity. You should not assume that a person who is listed in the database search from the above link is the person you are looking for without at least confirming that the date of birth is the same. The court system cautions employers, credit agencies, and others to verify identity before taking any adverse action against a person whose name appears in this database.

To receive copies of documents you will need to contact the court which is responsible for the case: Contact List

Alaska Jail Records

The Alaska Department of Corrections handles jail records for the state. If you were the victim of a crime you can contact the Department for information regarding parole and release.

For more information contact the Victim Service Unit at:

Victim Service Unit
550 W. 7th Ave., Suite 601
Anchorage, Alaska 99501-3558
(907) 269-7384