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Dig Deeper With a Background Check

A background check basically means an inquiry into an person's past. The information sought for may include financial history, criminal history, public records, education history or all of the above. If you carry out a background search on a person thoroughly enough, you can get a good idea of the person in question.

Employers and homeowners often make good use of this tool to be certain that the persons they are hiring for some job or renting to are trustworthy. In fact, a statistic tells us that as much as 73% of all companies perform criminal background checks on their new recruits.

Apart from that, you can also look for specific information about a person you plan on hiring. For example, if an employer wants to recruit someone for a position that will require him or her to do a lot of driving, you can check the driving records of the prospective employee.

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Considering a Criminal Background Check Online?

You may already be wondering whether you can conduct a free criminal background check online. Lots of other people are thinking on that line, too. Employing private investigators is a costly affair. Physical background checks take up a lot of time and are again quite expensive. There are other means but the results provided are not conclusive enough. Yet, you do need to know a person's criminal and personal history to ensure your and others' safety.

This is where online checks come in handy. BackgroundCheckr, for example, provides you relevant details about a person's criminal history. The answers are collected from the reliable governmental and private information directories. It also offers you the best search results and is way more accurate than all other online background checker tools. It makes use of the most updated information collected from private and governmental search listings. You are also offered four specialized search options with BackgroundCheckr: people, background, social media and criminal records.

In addition, a membership access to our public records search facility will keep you constantly updated along with the changes in the records. You can perform your search with the first or last name of an individual or with the state he is possibly residing in. However, you must make sure that you use the search results in a responsible manner.

So the next time you need to thouroughly search someone's background, visit BackgroundCheckr for the most complete and comprehensive results. You can search someone with his name, phone number, address or email. Please bear in mind that we are not a consumer reporting agency. To learn more on the subject, visit our website and read our Privacy Policy and Terms of Service.